Position:           Sales Representative
Experience:     25-30 yrs. you lose track after a while  
Goals:               Many successes throughout the years in various communities in Southern Ontario 
Assists:             My clients become friends and my friends become clients               
Highlights:      In life.. my first child. In my real estate career.. my first sale! 

In life, I have had a multitude of experiences, most good, some bad, each one a lesson in moving forward…  marriage, raising children, working to make the best life for my family and realizing that working to make the best life for my family really translates to working to get the best outcome for my real estate clients. Whatever my clients needs are, I have learned that meeting that expectation is the key to my success in real estate just as it is, in life, in general. Work with me toward your success,  when you are settled and happy with your move, only then is my success is assured! 

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