Position:          Sales Representative
Experience:     35 years
Goals:               High scoring, award winning results both in residential and commercial real estate sales
Assists:             Multitudes of commercial leasing, specializing in Niagara Falls downtown.  
Highlights:       Real Estate has been my one and only full time job for more than 35 years

I have sold Real Estate full time my whole adult life.  Everything I do, I do to my best ability, personally for the benefit of my family and professionally to benefit my clients. My work ethic and knowledge of Nagara’s real estate market has afforded my clients the confidence they need to make great choices and my reward is their complete satisfaction with my service and the referral business I have been fortunate  to receive from those clients. These days I can be found working with the “kids of the kids” of some of my original clients.
Personally, I am proud of my Italian heritage and speak the Italian language fluently, proud of my wife and the sons we have raised together… and reward is the grandsons we have been blessed with. Professionally, I am proud of my body of work and always anxious to see what comes next! 

289 932-0946